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Delivering An Experience beyond Expectation

Tourism at a Glance

  • The Tourism industry constitutes many sub-sectors including; accommodation, transport, attractions, & travel companies.
  • It contributed $5.8 Trillion to Global GDP in 2021 (Down from $9.6 Trillion pre-covid).
  • Leisure has been greatly impacted by the Corona Virus and is still a threat in light of the uncertainty in geopolitics & economics.
  • In spite of this, global leisure spending increased to $2.9 trillion in 2021 up from $2.325 trillion in 2020 (this still doesn’t compare to the pre-covid figure of $4.9 trillion).
  • Consumer trends continue to show a growth in demand for experiences, especially with the rise of remote working & the rise of the “digital nomadic lifestyle” (i.e. online influencers).

Importance of Tourism to Uganda:

  1. It contributes significantly to Uganda’s gross domestic product as a major source of foreign currency.
  2. It provides significant investment opportunities for both local and international investors.
  3. It enhances the appreciation of the co-existence of man & wildlife.
  4. It boosts national pride.
  5. It provides employment opportunities for the local people hence improving the standard of living.
  6. The facilities like hotels/lodges, bars, and restaurants are a source of government revenue through taxes.


Locals have in the past shown little interest in utilizing the tourist attractions located across the country. The lack of interest in utilizing the tourism facilities is due to a number of reasons including the following:

  1. Lack of awareness of the existence of the facilities.
  2. The facilities are perceived to be expensive for the locals.
  3. Lack of appreciation for tourism facilities because of a feeling of alienation from tourist hot spots, due to the perception that the facilities are meant for foreigners.

It is important to note that in recent years (due to Covid 19), the “domestic millennial demographic” from the urban areas have started showing an interest in traveling to the country’s tourist attractions. As levels of disposable income increases, people seek out more luxurious experiences. However, nature & wildlife is not enought to appeal to the “domestic millennial”.

Xperience-Africa-Logo3 (1)
Xperience Afrika is on a mission to be the #1 Pan-African platform where DJs, producers, and promoters from East, West, North, and South fuse through shared #TravelTainment experiences and collaborations to give the world musical experiences that have never been seen before, with a commitment in every direction, to deliver opportunity back into communities through promoting & facilitating intra-continental tourism.

Solution: Xperience Afrika

  1. Inviting international musicians for shows in Uganda. Shows would have a wildlife, tourism, and conservation theme.
  2. Artists would be taken on a tour around Uganda showcasing Uganda’s tourist hotspots, culture, and heritage.
  3. On each of these tours, we would shoot a documentary and content with the artist(s) showcasing the country.
  4. This content would then be distributed to international and local media to promote the country with an appeal to the millennial demographic.

Entertainment (Leisure Tourism) at a glance:

  • From the consumers' perspective, both Tourism & Entertainment are considered “leisure” or as it is called in Uganda … “enjoyments”.
  • The bulk of the international tourists coming to Uganda predominantly come for the wildlife, yet the primary motivation of global travelers is leisure.
  • The entertainment industry constitutes many sectors, including venue, performers, production, security/logistics, and marketing.
  • This industry is heavily supported through government subsidies & corporate/commercial sponsorships.

Why work with us?

  • Great networks in the international events and festival scene .i.e artists, artists, managers, international record labels, and international promoters.
  • A clear understanding of the demographics, trends, and purchasing patterns of the various demographics in Uganda. Especially the millennials who will soon harness most of the purchasing power in the economy.
  • Proven track record in executing large and small-scale music and arts festivals.
  • Great relationships with international organizations concerned with conservation and environmental protection.
  • Relationships with international niche and mainstream media channels that would provide great visibility for Ugandan content.