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Targeting the “TravelTainment” Market

Investment Thesis | #TravelTainment

“Our #TravelTainment business model is aimed at promoting domestic & international tourism through arts & entertainment with an overarching theme of celebrating, showcasing, & promoting African Wildlife, Culture, & Heritage — fused together with Sports, Adventure, & Wellness — we aim at making a positive difference to the people and places we love and care about, promoting sustainable tourism and supporting animal and environmental conservation along the way.” AMB (Business Development — MBZ Group Africa)

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Good Vibes Africa represents a brand that embodies the positive essence of Africa, embracing its people, places, and endless possibilities. Our mission is to make a positive impact on the places we hold dear, promoting eco-tourism and actively supporting the conservation of animals and the environment. With a strong focus on culture, community, and collaboration, we create unforgettable experiences that blend the best of tourism and entertainment in Africa. From hosting renowned artists from around the world to showcasing destination party hotspots, we invite the world to join us in celebrating the vibrant spirit of Africa.

Synonymous with our ethos, we have developed a simple approach to collaboratively financing events called “Event Staking”. We believe that this concept will not only incentivize events to demonstrate an affirmative outcome to their fanbase and encourage profit maximization but also enable organizers to maintain the same passion that started it all.

What is Event Staking?

The act of multiple organizing (promoters) & non-organizing (investors) partners buying a stake in an event (i.e. festival) with the positive expectation of generating a return on investment from the proceeds of the event.

How Event Staking Works?

  1. Promoters & Investors subscribe to a private issuing of 100 event tokens/units.
  2. Each token/unit represents a percentage point (%) of shares in the total cash balance from the event after factoring in profits and/or losses.
  3. Once agreed upon & co-signed, all Promoters & Investors are given online access to an escrow wallet (event SPV) on MFS Africa’s Beyonic Payments Platform.
  4. The agreed funds are respectively transferred to MFS Africa’s Bank Account (ABSA Bank) and shall reflect on the Beyonic Platform.
  5. The promoters/organizing partners can begin making payments directly from the platform as per the approval rules agreed upon.
  6. All revenue (Tickets, F&B Vendors, Sponsorships) & all expenses (Entertainment, Security, Production, Service Providers) shall be run through the platform for open book transparency for investors.
  7. At the end of the event, the wallet is closed and 100% of the total balance is dispersed proportionally to all token/unit owners (including 3rd parties who may have bought tokens from a non-organizing investor after private issuing).

Business Model Analysis with Example

Token: xPAfrika-001

TravelTainment Package: Xperience Afrika — Diani Takeover

Dates: August 26th — 28th 2022

Investment Required: $15,000

Expected Cash Earnings (After P&L): $18,750

Return in Excess: $3,750 (25% ROI)

Expected Earnings / Day Pass Attendee: $20
Expected Earnings / Package Attendee = $175

Token Structure (Example):

Tokens Outstanding: 100 Units

1. Price Per Token at private issuing: = $150

2. Investor B Sells Shares to 3rd Party (example)

3. Total Wallet Balance at the End of Event: $18,750 / 100 Units = $187.5 (Value of a Token at Event End)

Note: P2 — Sale Price Determined by Total Escrow Wallet Balance at Time of Transaction / # Tokens Outstanding.

Expected ROI: 25%

Note: This only outlines hypothetical scenarios modeled from basic unit economic metrics with the purpose of relaying to investors the risks, and expected rewards associated with investing in this event.

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