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Investment Thesis | #TravelTainment “Our #TravelTainment business model is aimed at promoting domestic & international tourism through arts & entertainment with an overarching theme of celebrating, showcasing, & promoting African Wildlife, Culture, & Heritage — fused together with Sports, Adventure, & Wellness — we aim at making a positive...
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Our destinations

Adventure Awakened

Embark on an extraordinary journey to a place where awe-inspiring landscapes, endless excitement, serenity, well-being, rich culture, and captivating heritage await. Bunyonyi, aptly named "the place of little birds," truly lives up to its charming moniker! Nestled amidst the iconic hills of the Kigezi Gorilla Highlands, this destination promises an unparalleled experience.


Breathe with the Beasts

Embark on an exhilarating adventure as you dare to trek alongside one of nature's most formidable creatures. Take a journey back in time, to the very origins of humanity, where the majestic Silverback Mountain Gorillas roamed freely in the depths of the African jungles.


unPack in the Wild

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